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Bowhunting Tips for Beginners

No other type of hunting is quite like bowhunting. It’s just you, your bow, nature, the stand and, hopefully, the deer. Bowhunting takes a special skill, which makes it an exciting, yet difficult sport. If you are newer to bowhunting, here are a few tips you should consider before hitting the woods.

Be Accurate

It doesn’t matter how much money you put into your bow or how meticulously you select your broadheads. The most important part of being a successful bowhunter is accuracy. You will have to work at this, but it will be worth it when you bring home your first big buck. You can start working on your accuracy by developing a good grip, discovering your anchor, fine tuning your bow and following through with your shot (meaning don’t bring the bow down immediately after you release).

Practice Good Form

Whether you are a pro or a beginner, good form is hard to learn and exceptionally important when it comes to bowhunting. Whether you have improper grip, too long of a draw length or lock your arm, focus on your form and work to make it better.

Hunt Against the Wind

Even with cover scents and scent killers, how you interact with the wind is an important strategy for bowhunting. You always want to be facing the wind so your scent is carried away from your body and the deer aren’t alerted to your presence. You’ll need to change direction, and possibly stands, as the wind changes, so always be aware of its direction.

Don’t Forget Your Release

Although you wouldn’t think so, forgetting the release is surprisingly common. Many avid bowhunters recommend buying multiple releases that you are comfortable with and storing them in your hunting bag.

Practice, Practice, Practice

We know this saying gets old, but it couldn’t be truer. Visit an archery shooting range frequently, even during the season. This will not only help with your accuracy, but it will also help you become comfortable with your weapon. Shoot from the different positions and angles you might experience in the field. Some archers even suggest going to the range in your camo, boots and hunting gear so you can experience the entire feel of the hunt.

Hunt with Sharp Broadheads

While accuracy is important, so are razor sharp broadheads. They will lead to a more humane death and leave a better blood trail for you to track. Plus, you don’t want to hunt with dull broadheads. That’s like cutting a steak with a butter knife. Always ensure your broadheads are sharp before the hunt.

Understand Your Prey

If you go out into the woods without a solid understanding of the deer and their behavior, you may have a good time watching the birds, but you aren’t going to go home with any venison. Study how deer think and behave in certain situations. Do the deer in your area follow specific trails? Do they prefer lowland or wooded areas? Answering these questions and many more will lead to you having the advantage, and ultimately bagging the buck.

Be Patient

Even the most experienced bowhunters forget this tip. Half (or more than half) of hunting is sitting in a stand or blind without seeing or shooting anything. That’s okay. Patience is key to a successful hunt. Don’t get dispirited and enjoy the experience.

One last tip is to keep your phone in your pocket on silent. If you happen to fall from a stand or get hurt, it will be easier to reach than in your hunting pack. Now what are you waiting for? Sharpen your broadheads, don your best hunting clothes, pack your gear and hit the woods with these tips in mind!

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