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Men's Socks

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Rumpl X Carhartt

Get back to the land

We collaborated with our friends at Rumpl to make durable, adventure-ready gear for anywhere you go.

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Men's Socks

The only time in history someone wanted socks as a gift is when those socks are Carhartt. Carhartt spells quality. Give sweat the boot! We all know how important a durable high-quality men's sock can be in extreme conditions. That's why Carhartt is committed to producing high-quality durable men's socks. Socks are always going missing, so replace those duds with Carhartts. Carhartt's all season men's socks feature extended reinforcement around the heel and toe, extra padding and odor-fighting technology. Our Carhartt Force® performance work socks feature FastDry® technology to fight odors and wick away sweat, keeping you feeling dry and confident all day long. If you're heading out for a long day on the job, a weekend in the woods on a hunt or up the side of a mountain, Carhartt socks are a staple you need. Our socks work all day so you can outwork them all. Carhartt socks make the difference between a tough work day and a grueling one. You can rest assured knowing that your socks are crafted with Carhartt's more than 125 years of expertise.