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Carhartt Wallets & Money Clips

From the top to bottom, Carhartt crafts gear with rugged living in mind. We make more than just brown duck jackets; with every bit of that quality craftsmanship, we make accessories for the whole family. Remember your granddad's wallet that looked like a tattered brick digging a hole in his back pocket? Carhartt makes wallets that will give your grandpappy's wallet a run for its money. This is one wallet you don't have to worry about. Rest assured that you can take it on all your adventures as your trek your way through every last rugged corner of the earth, outliving them all. Carhartt has been crafting rugged gear for men and women and outworking them all for over 125 years. Carhartt wallets do more than just hold your cash. They hold your life—pictures of the wife and kids and all of the good things that you cherish. Whether you're in the field or on the road, Carhartt has your back. Carhartt stands between you and the elements. Carhartt wallets are durable accessories that are indispensable to their owners.