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The Best Time of Day to Hunt

So much of the time we spend hunting is waiting, and while the wait can provide us with quality time to spend with friends and family in the peaceful woods, nobody wants to wait around for no good reason. Before you head out to your favorite hunting site, it’s important to know when the best times to hunt are. Navigating all the different seasons, laws and game types can be a real challenge.

Because hunting seasons vary by type of game and by season, figuring out the best times to hunt can be tricky. Click on your state to get all the information you need to make your hunting plans.


Figuring out the best times to hunt deer takes a little planning. In addition to checking your state’s fish and game resources, you can also refer to the lunar calendar. For instance, looking over deer feeding charts for a given location can bring insights into the best time to hunt. Many hunters subscribe to the idea that hunting during the moon’s third quarter phase is one of the very best times. The most popular time to hunt bucks is during the mid-season ruts when the deer are most active, but earlier or later in the season are also great times because deer follow predictable patterns, and there are fewer hunters out during those times.


The best bird hunters study the daily patterns of each species. Here are a few tips that’ll have you bringin’ home more birds in no time. For doves, it’s best to scout when they’re on the move during the early morning or mid afternoon to find a hunting site. Many hunters will call it quits on duck hunting by 9:30 AM, but there’s fantastic duck hunting during the afternoon if you’re willing to stick it out for a while. Turkey season varies widely by state, and daily turkey patterns vary based on the weather, but don’t let that stop you from getting out there. Quail hunting is often best late in the season when many hunters have given up on them. It helps to spend some time studying quail patterns in your area. Quail often fly out of grass fields about two hours after sunup, and as a rule of thumb, they’ll return in late morning.


If you’re up for the adventure, boar hunting can be a lot of fun. Most states don’t regulate boar hunting to a specific season, so you can get after wild hogs all year long. The best times to hunt them is from late evening to early morning, as they’re nocturnal. Be careful with these prickly devils, though. Boar hunting can be particularly dangerous for you and your hunting dogs.

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