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The 7 Sins of Hunting

We have a deep affection for hunting here at Carhartt. We understand that it goes beyond bringing home the (figuratively speaking) bacon. It’s about connecting with nature and sharing time-honored traditions with your family and friends. Unfortunately, some of the best hunters may be guilty of committing a hunting sin or two.


There’s plenty of woods for all the hunters. Don’t crowd others or fight for certain stands because you want the best of the best. That doesn’t make you a better hunter; it just makes you greedy. If you find yourself in a heated situation, just walk away. You can hunt from a different area of the woods or a different stand.


We understand the desire to bag that ultimate buck. The one with big, beautiful antlers and a massive body. It’s a dream, and for some, it comes true. But hunting isn’t always about bringing home the biggest animal. It’s about enjoying the experience, connecting with nature and passing on knowledge and traditions from the generation before to the generation after. Don’t let the lust for the best get in the way of a great hunting experience.


Here’s the fact: you don’t need every deer, elk, turkey or duck in the forest. Stick to the season’s guidelines, and if there is a shortage, just take one. By limiting yourself, you will become a better hunter with a keener eye for a great animal. After all, what is preferable: one quality kill or multiple mediocre ones?


You might be the greatest hunter since the Native Americans hunted the buffalo on the western plains, but that doesn’t mean you have to share it with the entire hunting community. Be proud of your kill, but also have a little humility. You will be respected more for it.


It can be hard watching a fellow hunter bring in the animal you were chasing. But don’t allow jealousy to ruin your trip. Every hunting trip is a unique experience, and depending on your mastery of the sport, it might not be your time to bring in that big animal. Have patience, dear hunter. Your time will come.


Speaking of patience, hunting is a waiting game. It won’t be a successful trip if you lose focus due to anger. Also, if expressing your frustration makes too much noise, you could scare off the best game or miss your shooting opportunity. Take a deep breath and watch for the game to come to you.


In our opinion, nothing is worse than a lazy hunter. It takes time, effort, planning and so much more to have a successful hunt. There’s nothing wrong with a walk in the woods, but if your intent is to hunt then be sure you’re prepped for it. Make sure you have some durable, comfortable hunting boots, along with other essential hunting gear to get the most out of the experience.

Have you committed any of these sins? Share your stories with us!

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