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The 7 Sins of Camping

While nothing is better than a peaceful weekend roasting marshmallows and telling scary stories around a campfire, nothing is worse than a real life camping nightmare.

Ever have a tree fall on your tent? Has a bear invaded your camp and ate your food? How about angry neighbors yelling at you about something that went wrong? Whether they happen by your own hand, or you inspire these misdeeds in others, these are the types of things that can happen when you commit one of the 7 Sins of Camping.

1. Pride

Don’t ever be so proud to think you don’t need to bring the little things like extra batteries, food, maps, or a comfortable air mattress. Some other things not to forget are lighters and fire-starting materials, extra socks, rain gear, insect repellant, and a first aid kit.

2. Sloth

So you indulged in a little sloth, and now your campsite is a mess. Because of your “sin,” you’re at risk to invite calamity into your life. Mainly, you’re shortchanging yourself. A messy campsite equates to time spent looking for things that you should easily be able to find. Because your campsite is a disaster, nobody is going to have a good time.

3. Greed

You could’ve easily afforded all the right gear you need to make sure you’re protected from the elements (and able to purify your water) but no. You had to be miserly and skimp on some necessities. You don’t have to break the bank, but camping’s no time to be a Scrooge.

4. Lust

If you fail to reserve a campsite, your oversight could leave you feeling pretty lusty. There’s no need to lust after occupied spots, though, since you can usually book a campsite online well in advance.

5. Envy

Don’t let envy rob you of a good time. When you pick a terrible spot full of dead trees and animal droppings, you’ll pay. You’ll be enviously gazing at your friend’s next door. They knew how to set up their camp properly. Camping in an improper spot could lead from something like a mild inconvenience, e.g., pitching a tent on uneven ground, to serious injury or death, e.g. a damaged tree falling on your tent, or a hive of wasps ganging up on you.

6. Wrath

You don’t want to invoke the wrath of your neighbors, so always show up to your campsite before dark. Nobody wants to see your headlights prowling around late at night. It’s also pretty hard to see, well, anything. You’re in a strange place in the woods after dark. What could go wrong?!?

7. Gluttony

Sometimes, it’s not your own sins that come back to bite you. Bears and other scavengers can be real gluttons. They’re never satisfied, and your food smells so good. But you have a duty to prevent them from lapsing into a world of sin. Beware. If you don’t store your food or scented items out of scavenging distance, you could attract the wrong crowd to your campsite. If you’re camping near your vehicle, keeping your food locked up in the car is a good way to keep it safe, unless you’re in bear country. Bears can break into cars and cause serious damage. Otherwise, you can suspend your rations. Bear boxes or other bear-proof containers are the best places to store your food. You can also use bear wire to suspend your food and aromatic products higher up above their reach.

Protect yourself from any more camping “sins” and check out our camping gear before you make your pilgrimage to the great outdoors.

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