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Welcome to Happy Acre Farm

Though I had no background or formal education in agriculture, I fell in love with farming right after college. I was working on some small farms in Hawaii, and something just clicked. I had found my passion, I was going to be a farmer.

After returning back home to California, the thought of sitting at a desk, working inside on something I wasn’t enthusiastic about, didn’t appeal to me; I wanted to do something I loved. So I decided to follow my passion. Most friends and family thought I was crazy when instead of finding a nice 9-5 in the city, I found a job on a farm, working early mornings and weekends, coming home exhausted and covered in dirt.

My husband was beyond supportive, and while he didn’t share my passion in the early years, once I started Happy Acre Farm, he quit his job and jumped in full time. He had no experience farming, but his enthusiasm for the profession was there, and his was desire to learn was strong. Fast forward to the present, and Matthew and I are starting our fifth season at Happy Acre Farm.

It’s a lot of hard and dirty work, early mornings, late nights, and learning curves. We don't get off the farm much during the season, unless you count doing farmers markets; and our date nights are usually spent in the fields with leftovers and a cold beer. But it’s worth every moment, to do something we’re both truly passionate about; and we’re excited to watch our family grow and raise our children to follow their own path, wherever it may lead.

We’re stoked to be partnering up with Carhartt, as Carhartt Ambassadors, and sharing some of our passion with you.

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