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Makers and Artisans

This February, Carhartt is celebrating the makers and artisans whose work is a credit to the American spirit of innovation and making things with your hands.

Mr. Fix It

We asked our friend Aaron Massey, aka, Mr. Fix-It, if he could build something out of an old wine barrel. A seasoned craftsman and DIY master, Aaron was happy to take on the challenge. But before you look at the finished product, take a look at the journey the wood took, all the way from France.

Wine Barrel History

Before this wine barrel became a table, it was an oak tree, harvested in 2009, aged for two years, then crafted into a barrel in 2012 by a master cooper in Burgundy, France.

Once purchased by the Carhartt Vineyard in Santa Ynez, California, vineyard employee Augustine disassembled the barrel. He then put it back together—the wine was fermented without the head, taken out, the barrel cleaned, then reassembled with the head.

After this process, the wine is pressed, and finished wine goes back in the barrel to age for around 18 months.

When the finished wine is removed for bottling, the barrel is cleaned of solids and sits empty until the next harvest—generally, a barrel’s oak flavor lasts for about three years.

When the barrel is considered neutral, or done yielding any oak flavor, several things might happen. It could be sold to other wine makers, beer makers, whiskey makers, or even local furniture makers. This one just happened to make its way into the hands of Mr. Fix-it.

To learn more about their Ground to Glass process visit the Carhartt Vineyard website.

Watch the Transformation

Aaron Massey, from the YouTube channel Mr. Fix It, shows you step-by-step how to build a coffee table out of a wine barrel. He picked up the wine barrel from our friends at the Carhartt Vineyard in Los Olivos, CA.

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See More Mr. Fix-It Videos >


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