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E-Fish-ency: Getting the Most Out of Your Fishing Trips

Here at Carhartt, we take our fishing trips seriously. Because we know you work hard, we know you don’t have time to waste. These ideas about efficient fishing trips will keep your head cool and your cooler full during your time on the water.

Set Your Intention

Don’t do any planning on the day of your fishing trip. Decide what you’re doing well in advance. Whether you’re fishing for fun, or you’ve entered into a bass tournament, having an intentional plan will serve you, so that you can be free to focus on the fishing and nothing else. Some things to consider include:

  • Where you'll be fishing.
  • How long your trip will last.
  • What kids of fish you're trying to catch.

It’s also helpful to consider potential pitfalls and setbacks before they happen. Putting everything together ahead of time all goes into having a kind of “fishing system” or a fishing trip checklist that will prepare you for a successful day on the water.

Do Your Research

Before you fish, get to know your fishing hole. It’s important to know about the terrain, types of fish, how fish respond to environmental changes, water levels and temperatures. Other things to keep in mind are how crowded the area gets and what other fishermen have said about their experiences.

Get Your Gear

Once you’ve done your research, turn your attention to your equipment. You need to know about the appropriate gear for the occasion, as it applies to the type of fish, the body of water and the method you’re using. Make an inventory of everything that you need and make sure in advance that everything works properly. At Carhartt, we have versatile gear that you’ll need to stay comfortable all day. Every fisherman needs a hat, rain gear and some fast-drying items to fight the weather and fast-moving afternoon storms. While you’re making your list, check out the clothing in our line of fishing gear.

Organize Your Gear

As part of getting prepared and checking yourself, make sure that everything you need is accounted for and organized. Part of this process includes sharpening hooks, organizing tackle, spooling line, pre-rigging setups, and making sure you’ve got everything you need for the day—food, drink, bait and gear.

Maintain Your Focus

Once you’ve properly prepared, researched and organized, you should be able to put your mindful energy toward your primary goal–catching fish. There are no guarantees in fishing. You’re going to have good days and bad days. Being focused means anticipating problems before they arise and being okay with whatever happens. The best fishermen realize this and keep a cool head whether the fish are biting or not. They’re just as content listening to sounds of crickets chirping and pop-top cans as they float on the lake, enjoying a cold beer and a day well spent.

Be sure to upload pictures of your catches at Carhartt’s #outfishthemall.

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