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If you’re a fan of puns, you might say that from the very first fish Mark Zona ever caught he was hooked. Even at a young age, Mark remembers the feeling of that day he went fishing with his dad as vividly as you or I might remember yesterday. Mark’s been chasing that feeling ever since. A pursuit that’s led to a career as a professional fisherman, commentator, host of his own fishing show, and becoming the father of twin boys. As you probably guessed, Mark’s been quick to pass down the feeling of fishing with his dad every time he’s on the lake with his sons. He even remembers each of their first catch too. Just like it was yesterday.
Jason Momoa shares the story of his childhood and how his dreams of becoming a father finally came true.
Two brothers from Georgia connect with their grandfather by making custom furniture from reclaimed barn wood, just as he once did.

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