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What's the difference between a jacket and a coat? Coats are longer, bulkier, and not as easy to move in, but our jackets are custom made for hard work.

Jackets are more versatile. They’re shorter, can range from lightweight and unlined to the heaviest insulation, and give you a broader range of motion to move with ease.

Carhartt jackets are built to meet the working man’s every need, which is why our jackets are the biggest category we have, in terms of volume and sales. They stay tough from work to woods, and everywhere you go in between. Get ‘em in heavyweight sandstone, lightweight Quick Duck®, Storm Defender® waterproof breathable, Rain Defender® durable water repellent, and plenty more.

Our focus on durability and comfort is what makes our jackets exceptional, year after year.

Carhartt Jacket Technology

Quick Duck®

quick duck

This duck is made for the people who want tough clothing, but prefer lighter-weight fabric that lasts. Quick Duck® canvas is 30% lighter than traditional sandstone duck, but ounce-for-ounce just as tough. Work smarter. Work lighter.

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Rain Defender®

rain defender

Rain Defender® durable water-repellent finish makes garments rain, mist and snow resistant. Moisture beads up and rolls off to keep you drier and on the job longer. And it’s tough, too. Rain Defender® retains 70% strength even after 20 washings.

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Storm Defender®

storm defender

Storm Defender® waterproof breathable outerwear stops every raindrop but lets body heat escape. Storm Defender® jackets are lightweight and rugged, with waterproof, breathable membranes and waterproof seams.

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