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The A18 Watch Cap was established in January, 1988. It was CEO Mark Valade’s vision: a simple 100% acrylic rib-knit hat that would keep the working man warm and comfortable.

Yarn makes the A18 different. Carhartt uses a ton of thick yarn to make this hat bigger bulkier than other watch caps. That keeps you warmer, and also fits on your head. It’s also sewn with extra-strong thread for durability.

It’s long enough to cover your ears and stay there, so you don’t have to interrupt your work to pull it down. The benefits of acrylic yarn let you to drop it in the dirt, stomp on it, mistreat it—and it will still clean up well.

The watch cap style is also versatile—wear it on it’s own or under a hood to trap extra warmth around your head.

As soon as it hit the market, workers recognized a more comfortable fit, and the A18 became an instant classic.

The amount of A18’s we sell per year would be equivalent to giving two hats per person to the entire state of Maine. That’s a lot of hats.

So comfortable that you feel as cool strolling into a bar as you do sitting in a tree stand or splitting wood

-Harry McPherson
Men’s Category Manager

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