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Best Times to Fish

There’s nothing like a day of fishing to help you wind down from a hard week. Because we know how hard you work and how much your time is worth, we want to share some wisdom about the best times to fish. When the weather’s great and the fish have something to hunt, there’s going to be good fishing.


The prime time to catch bass is during their pre-spawn in spring when water temperatures are around 55 to 65 degrees. The best time of day for bass fishing is either early morning or later in the evening, at times when the sun isn’t too bright. Bass will also bite midday if the weather is cloudy or if the water is muddy.


Trout bite most during feeding time, when mosquitoes and bugs are most active, so the best fishing times are in the warmer seasons.

General Tips

  1. In summer, the best times of day to fish are early morning and late evening.
  2. In the spring and fall, it's best to go out around dusk.
  3. In the southern parts of the U.S., you can often catch fish year-round, so winter is still a good time to fish. In other colder climates, wintertime is a good time for ice fishing.
  4. If you’re near the beach, check the tidal schedule and go out when the tides are changing. Fish move in greater numbers during tidal shifts.
  5. Be wary of cold fronts and heavy rain, since these can limit your chances of making a catch. Always check the weather report before the trip.
  6. Also, keep in mind that these are general tips and different species of fish have varying activity patterns. If you’re looking for giant flathead catfish, you might not find them in the same place and at the same time as largemouth bass. It helps to know what fish you’re after so you can get specific about your rigs, baits and lures, as well as fishing locations and times.

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