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7 Major Fishing Mistakes You May Be Making

Here at Carhartt, we love fishing. Bass fishing, fly fishing and any other kind of fishing you can imagine. It’s just part of who we are. Over the years, we have noticed a few mistakes beginner fishermen tend to make out on the water.

If you don’t want to be one of those guys and, really, who does, avoid these 7 Major Fishing Mistakes:

Being Unprepared

Before you reach the water, you should know what you’re fishing for, where to find it and what kind of lures to use. Fishing isn’t a guessing game. Make a plan. Understand the fish and the body of water you’ll be fishing. It could mean the difference of a 10-pound bass or no bass at all.

Being Disorganized

Like being prepared, you should know which lines, lures, rods and reels you want to use before ever hitting the water. Organize your tackle box as well as your boat so you can spend less time searching for what you need and more time catching the fish you want to show off.

Avoiding Cover

First-time fishermen often head to open water and start casting. We can’t stress enough how much of a mistake this is. Find the best slews, laydowns, grass beds, docks and dead trees. Remember the fish you’re hunting are predators. They’ll be lurking in these areas waiting for their prey (a.k.a. your lure) to swim by.

Changing Lures Too Quickly

Fishing is a waiting game. While changing your lure will probably be helpful at some point during the day, don’t jump from one to another too quickly. Have a little patience, and the fish will bite. Also, it’s a good idea to retie your bait after using it for a while. The knot can become weak over time, which could cost you a good bite.

Using Worn Line

One of the biggest fishing mistakes we see is using old or worn line. It might look like it can bring in that big one, but it’s very brittle and can even have kinks that weaken it.

Lacking Good Casting Skills

When you watch the pros, you might notice that the greats can put their lures anywhere they want. That’s because they have worked on and refined their casting skills. Try practicing in your yard or a pool. Then take your skills on the water. You’ll be surprised at how much of a difference this skill can make.

Ignoring Current Conditions

Whenever you plan a fishing trip, you have to take weather conditions into consideration. Watch for a change in the wind, clouds moving in, mayfly hatches, flies buzzing, birds diving and surface breaks. Once you take all these things into consideration, you’ll be able to fish them to your benefit. Ready to get out there and catch a big one? Don’t forget to stay comfortable in your Carhartt fishing gear!

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