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Waterproof Boots

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Waterproof Boots for Men & Women

For work, play or hiking all day, make sure your feet are dry and protected with Carhartt waterproof boots for men and women. Whether you're knee-deep in work or you're immersed in a rocky forest, Carhartt men's work boots make sure that you go the whole distance without a single misstep. You may be shopping for wellington boots, hiking shoes or a casual work boot that you could wear to the office or the jobsite. For all these needs and more, Carhartt has you covered with our Storm Defender® waterproof boots. Tired of shoes that make your feet feel like their being held hostage? Our waterproof breathable materials ensure that your feet stay dry while still having some room to breathe. Get the extra waterproof protection you need from our safety toe work boots or go with a lightweight non-safety option for the days when you won't be worried about falling objects and workplace hazards. Stay dry with Carhartt rain gear. Shop our men's rain jackets and coats, outerwear, clothing accessories, socks and waterproof boots today and save! Sign up for Groundbreakers and get updates on the newest Carhartt gear before anyone else, get rewards points, and stay up to date on special deals for the hardest working men and women in America!