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 Free US Ground Shipping on Orders $99+

Carhartt Force Extremes™ Now Available

End the day as strong as you started

Don’t hit walls, knock them down with our fastest-drying, odor-fighting gear; Force Extremes™. Armed with 37.5® technology engineered into the fabric, Force Extremes™ uses your body’s energy to speed up the conversion of moisture to vapor, keeping you dry and comfortable during your daily grind.

Too Hot?

Too hot? 37.5® particles move your sweat away from your body to cool you down.

A. 37.5® Technology Fabric
Attracts and releases sweat
B.Micro Climate
Infrared energy sweat vapor
C. Sweat Vapor

Too Cold?

Too cold? 37.5® particles return infrared energy back to your body to warm you up.

A. Infrared Energy
37.5® particles create a thermal layer that reflects infrared energy back to us
B. Micro Climate
Infrared energy and sweat vapor
C. 37.5® Technology Fabric

Force Extremes™ is our fastest-drying gear

How does it work?

37.5® particles are naturally embedded in the fabric, and will never wash out for the entire lifetime of the garment. The particles don’t just move water around, like traditional wicking does-they evaporate it.

Force Extremes™ Powers Your Workday

increases comfort

Force Extremes™ increases your comfort in a wider range of conditions, from hot to cold. Stay dry and on the job longer without having to switch out your gear.

increases performance

Fabrics made with 37.5® dry up to five times faster than other fabrics, making this our fastest-drying gear.

traps odors

When you wash your Carhartt Force Extremes™ gear, the odors are released into the wash and the technology is refreshed to trap odors all over again during your next workday.

Consumer Reviews

They're very practical and durable. The cell phone pocket has a small flap to help keep it from falling out or you can put it in the zippered leg pocket to keep it safe. The legs zip off easily for hot days. They're reinforced where needed to make them more durable. They're great pants overall.
Daniel, Gunsmith

At the beginning of the survey, I assessed the convertible pants, both for flaws and for features that I found agreeable. By the end of the survey, most of the concerns I had regarding these pants were unfounded.
George, Archaeologist

The products material made it light and dorable. All that I want in a work pant. The fact that they converted to shorts was awesome as the temperature here has easily been over 100 degrees. They didn't irritate my skin or rub in any wrong way. They feel solid.
Justin, Groundsman

37.5® is a trademark of Cocona, Inc.