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The average amount of rainy days in America is 100.
Enumclaw, Washington almost doubles that.

Every other day of your life, on average, you're dealing with rain. Gray skies. That constant sense of heaviness and oppression, all the time. Having the right gear - your jacket, pants and hoodie - becomes a necessity instead of a consideration. It's the difference between being wet and uncomfortable all day, and being able to work through it.
We went to Enumclaw. We trudged through the rain with residents. Join us as we tell the stories of the people of the rainest town in America and why they endorse Carhartt Rain Defender®.

Krainick Dairy

Krainick Dairy milks 1,100 cows and ship 7,000 gallons of milk from this farm everyday. Dairy farming is a messy job, and combined with Enumclaw’s rain, rugged Carhartt outerwear is the most effective choice for these hard workers.

Chainsaw Carvers

Donna and Joaquin Quezada are partners in chainsaw carving and marriage. In their line of work, rain, sawdust and chainsaw oil don’t phase them or their Carhartt. Carving 92 breeds of dogs out of logs doesn’t phase Donna either.

Family Owned Logging

“There’s nothing better than working with family,” says DJ Britschgi. Started by DJ’s grandfather, this family-owned logging business is buoyed by hardworking family spirit and not affected by heavy rainfall. Carhartt Rain Defender® helps keep them warm and dry every single day. You can’t choose your family, but you can choose your Carhartt.

Carhartt Rain Defender®

Sturdy, high performance rainwear is a Carhartt specialty and a necessity for any outdoor worker; it makes the difference between getting the last cord of wood loaded and out of the woods or coming back tomorrow for a longer day. Moisture will bead up and roll of your sweatshirt, jacket, overalls, pants, and more.

Rain Defender® durable water repellent garments are just as functional and comfortable while fishing, hunting, working, or standing on the sidelines at a football game in a driving November rain.


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