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rugged flex. strong, flexible fabric everywhere it's needed most
flex elbow. more room to move in the elbow
freedom gusset. stretch panels under the arms for ease of movement
mighty back. stretch panel between your shoulders for instant recovery

Hardworking men and women told us they wanted gear with more stretch and recovery – and we listened. That’s why Carhartt Full Swing® is fully-engineered to improve the way you move. Built with stretch and articulation in the back, elbows, underarms and knees – while keeping that classic Carhartt look. That’s why you need to work in this gear to believe it.


Flex Elbow™

Swing that axe with the Flex Elbow™ for less restriction: it has an inside stretch panel and articulated seams on the outside

Mighty Back™

This bi-swing stretch panel between the shoulders provides instant recovery, so it moves with you throughout your workday – not against you

Freedom Gusset™

The Freedom Gusset™ under the arms helps you do a cartwheel or lift something heavy without your sleeves riding up

Rugged Flex®

This durable stretch technology is built into the fabric we use to make Full Swing® garments, so they never restrict you

Consumer Reviews

"For a fairly heavy jacket I was impressed by how much range of motion I had for my arms when wearing it. Made it feel like I was wearing something much lighter. Plenty warm for colder days in the Northwest. Makes swinging an axe, hammer, etc. easy."

- lemmur, Carhartt Field Tester

"This jacket is great for getting things done the range of motion is awesome when reaching or bending yet maintains a good fit with restriction."

- wreckerroy, Carhartt Field Tester

"I immediately noticed how well the jacket moved. The sleeves never ride up and the back doesn't bind or get tight. Great for splitting and stacking wood."

- sswalker, Carhartt Field Tester

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