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Today’s DIY is tomorrow’s “Made in America.” Carhartt, like the United States itself, has long appreciated and valued the hard workers who hone their craft in our country. Our roots have grown from this American-made sentiment.

We tip our hats to those who are proud to say that they built it in the USA.

Detroit Bikes

Detroit Bikes are built in a city with manufacturing prowess and a deep tradition of biking. Their factory has the capacity to produce 100 bicycles a day. Their mission? To encourage cycling by making an accessible, enjoyable bicycle while continuing Detroit’s legacy of quality manufacturing and design.

Own a Detroit Legacy >

Drought was created by five sisters who longed for commercially available and viable fresh, raw juice. Drought is committed to offering raw beverages hand-crafted with deep regard for organic growing practices, seasonal harvests and local suppliers.

100% Organic and Delicious >
The Detroit Wood Type Co.

The Detroit Wood Type Co. was created out of a need for unique wood type for letterpress printing. After trying to obtain historic wood type from various sources, and seeing how expensive those historic typefaces were, they rolled up our sleeves and began making their own.

Just our type >
Fin Art Furniture Builders

Rob McGowan and Ben Olson started Fin Art Co equipped with natural design sensibilities and a simple curiosity to see what their hands could produce. They started building modern furniture for themselves and their friends. Today, Rob and Ben are commissioned nationwide to craft custom furniture.

Own some art that you can sit on >
The Grange - Brandon

Chef Brandon Johns created Grange Kitchen & Bar with the idea that the freshest ingredients, grown sustainably and sourced from local farmers, become the basis for the best food.

Feed your fam some farm to table fare >
Chicago Wisdom Project

Chicago Wisdom Project strives to engage today's youth with imaginative education. Embracing immersion tactics to inspire teamwork and a new perspective on relationships, the wisdom project gets kids off the street and into the farmland of southwest Michigan.

Become a wisdom teacher >
Reclaimed Detroit

A company that pays a living wage for workers to deconstruct abandoned houses in Detroit to recover materials for re-use. Don't demolish Detroit. Deconstruct it

Line Studio at Pony Ride Detroit - Andrew Ward

On a mission to create products and relationships that are built to last, while making a statement through their design process, materials and craftsmanship.

Customize your kitchen >
Custom hats by Nathaniel Funmaker

From the rugged Four Corners of the American southwest comes Nathaniel's of Colorado. Owned and operated by Native American Master Hatter Nate Funmaker, Nathaniel's creates custom hats of the finest quality available.

Rusty May Saddlery

Rusty has been making saddles and leather accessories for over 40 years. His techniques used for making saddles were learned from many years of apprenticeship with Master Saddle Makers. His saddles are famous the world over for quality and craftsmanship.

New Holland Brewing

New Holland Brewing Company is a company located in Holland, Michigan. The company operates a microbrewery, a distillery and a restaurant/pub in their hometown. They are the makers of the Carhartt Woodsman, our 125th anniversary brew. These brewers are true craftsmen, and that's what made this Carhartt collaboration a no-brainer.

Stop and Taste a New Holland beer today >
Handmade America

Ryan and Emily Lange are the co-owners of the Chicago-based workshop, Handmade America. They are dreamers and makers of so many different projects it's hard to pinpoint a moniker. And that's why we love them.

The Pope Family, owners of Powers Clothing, Image
Carhartt's oldest Mom and Pop

Hamilton Carhartt said, "When I make a sale, I make a permanent friend." The Pope Family, owners of Powers Clothing in Jonesville, Michigan are the embodiment of what Ham meant. After 124 years of selling Carhartt, the two family-owned businesses have a special bond. That's because Powers Clothing is the oldest retailer of Carhartt on the planet.

In 1892, Hamilton Carhartt drove his horse and cart down the muddy and arduous Rt. 12 (better known today as Michigan Ave), going town-to-town selling his durable work wear. When he reached Jonesville, he met the 1st generation of Powers Clothing and they struck a deal; as long as the product stood up for itself, Powers would stand behind it. Four generations later, they still honor their deal.

Everyday, and especially on small business Saturday, we tip our hats and send a very special thank you to everybody at Powers Clothing in Jonesville, Michigan.

Visit their store: 227 E Chicago St. Jonesville, MI 49250


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