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When a dirty workday needs to be taken head on, bibs are a shield against the grime, crud and tough stuff hard workers run into on a regular basis. Bibs are the living element of Carhartt’s history and putting a pair on conjures the past of railway and farm, while driving a spike into the mess of the here and now.

Bibs are like wearable tool boxes with pockets, hammer loops and pouches to hold gear close at hand. No other garment supplies more protection, stays up better or covers up clothing like a pair of Carhartt bibs. Fine tune your bib supply by having more than one pair in different fabrics:

    -Firm Duck Bibs for hardest work

    -Sandstone Bibs for broken in feel

    -Insulated Bibs for cold conditions

    -Camo Bibs for woods

    -High Visibility Bibs and Flame-Resistant Bibs for specific safety needs

Merchandise must stand or fall on its merits. If Carhartt Overalls did not have merit, we never could have established the gigantic business we have.
- Hamilton Carhartt

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