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 Free US Ground Shipping on Orders $99+

 Free US Ground Shipping on Orders $99+


'Tis the season for giving thanks. We are humbled that so many Carhartt people showed up and participated in the giveaway. We are working with our contest partner to draw the winner and certify all results. Per the official contest rules, the grand prize winner will be notified in the next couple of weeks. Instant winners should already know that they won gift cards and we will be working with our contest partner to send emails out to them that allow them to collect their winnings.

A special thanks to our partners in this contest: Sons of Sawdust and 5 Mary’s farms. We are big fans of them here at Carhartt and, as a reminder, if you didn’t win the grand prize but are interested in their products you can always check out the information below or maybe check their websites. and

Meet Matt and Ben Hobbs. The brothers who, following a series of bad luck and hard times, rose from out of the darkness to start Sons of Sawdust™ - a woodworking business located in Athens, Georgia that specializes in reclaimed wood. Building on a passion the Hobbs boys say was passed down to them by their late "Pa”, the brothers hunt the local area for old 100+ year-old barns and houses. Properly learning the rich history behind every piece of wood they choose, only to write a new version of the story with every piece of beautiful reclaimed wood furniture they build.
At the end of last winter Carhartt made it's first trip to Fort Jones, California. This small rural town is where Mary and Brian Heffernan, as well as the couple’s four daughters all named Mary (who go by nicknames!), have called home for the past three years. It’s also where we first fell in love with Five Marys Farms. Their story reads like something that might inspire a Hollywood movie: a Silicon Valley lawyer and entrepreneur who decided to trade it all in to live the Carhartt way of life. But it doesn’t take you very long to realize there’s nothing glamorous about the 24/7 commitment to hard work that goes into running the ranch, their farm store, and newly opened restaurant in town called Five Marys Burgerhouse. Or the manual labor required to keep their fine-tuned machine churning and keep the couple “farm fit” as they work with their kids seven days a week to care for their menagerie of livestock including beef, pork, lamb, chickens, turkeys, horses & ranch dogs. Not to mention the fact they’re still new to this whole thing and continuously striving to learn the ins and outs and this new life they’ve built for their family. That’s what inspired us to anoint Mary the matriarch of the hardworking Carhartt women everywhere.