NFPA 2112 Flame-Resistant Bibs & Coveralls

What does it mean to outwork them all? Well, simply put, it means you’re Carhartt tough. And with Carhartt NFPA 2112 flame-resistant bibs & coveralls, you’ll be ready for anything. When you’re in the market for new men’s overalls and you need the best in flame resistant protection, Carhartt is the go-to for you. But it’s not just for men. Carhartt women’s FR gear is every bit as tough as our men’s line of FR clothing. In fact, every stitch that makes up a pair of Carhartt women’s overalls is informed by the hard-won ingenuity we’ve earned from working more through more than a century of America’s toughest winters. That’s why we field test all our gear whether it’s our big and tall flame-resistant clothing or it’s our everyday workwear like our chore coats and dungarees. Because America’s hardest workers work even better in Carhartt. We make FR gear for the factory worker, the mechanic, the rigger, the linesman, the electrician, the construction worker and the potter facing the kiln; because you work every day, so do we - at making the best gear for you. When it comes to can-do attitude, we know you’ve got it and so do we. Find your perfect fit at and shop for your FR gear online today. Shop today and save with free shipping on qualified orders. Like deals, free shipping and insider info? Join our Groundbreakers loyalty program to get all these perks and more. Because when it’s go-time, you’ve got to be ready. So be ready with Carhartt.

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