In our fourth-generation family-owned company, it’s easy to still see the original values that helped it grow when it was only one of many other small businesses.

After all, the Carhartt founder started out with just two sewing machines and a half-horsepower electric motor in a Detroit loft. So we definitely know a thing or two about starting small and putting in the work to grow. Especially with economic and international uncertainties being as much part of everyday business in 1889 as they are now.

But a commitment towards providing hardworking folks from all walks of life with quality workwear defined Hamilton Carhartt’s namesake company. His ingenuity and dedication towards manufacturing durable gear, that truly fit his consumers needs, have turned Carhartt into the standard or quality workwear for over 130 years.

And with these values being shared by the over 5.000 members of the Carhartt family worldwide, we are quick to recognize them in other small businesses working hard to craft their own legacy.

Brian Brown at Brown and Lobban

If you’ve spent an evening after work reading Harry Potter to your kids, then Brian’s craft might ring a bell.

As a wandmaker, he pours passion and creativity into a vocation that used to exist only in books.

Brian chose to continue his family business, re-branding it from Brown and Lobban - Furniture to Brown and Lobban - Makers of Fine wands, as a way to honour his late father’s memory.

With quality and sustainability being two chief values that Brian carries forward, his wands are made from recycled wood, which he scours the country to find.

This has been more difficult in the past months of disruption. But still Brown and Lobban thrived with continued work and dedication.

And while making highly detailed, quality products is something Brian enjoys in itself, his favorite part of the process is still talking to his customers.

Connecting to a community of great, like-minded people holds a spark of magic in his craft.

Karl Preiser at Karl Preiser at Bauprofipreiser

Karl’s company, founded 15 years ago, has grown and evolved from purely construction into specifically earth interior home building.

This came from a commitment towards building with more natural and ecological materials, and a passion of manually working with clay.

Prioritizing good quality materials and immersing himself in the actual work process are key parts of the trade for Karl. And while his days start at 5AM, he always takes the time for breakfast with his kids.

Going forward, his vision is to steer the company into a safe future with good expertise in sustainable and ecological services and a modern, digital organization.

Julian Mora at Okappi

Julian and his team make custom furniture from recycled materials, with a focus on tranquility, sustainability, unique pieces, perfection. All in all, a way of life for he Okappi crew.

Julian began exploring carpentry out of his great-uncle’s shop, set up at his grandparents’ home. From there, he grew into his current business, crafting unique products for customers who appreciate the value of recovered wood.

This came from a commitment towards building with more natural and ecological materials, and a passion of manually working with clay.

With full 12-13 hour work days, Julian’s favorite activity is still looking for old wood that can be salvaged and given a second life. He spends time looking for fallen horreos (buildings typical of the Asturias area in Spain), which are made of chestnut wood of a thickness and width that no longer exist in today’s modern homes.

While the last couple of months have slowed orders down a bit, the Okappi team still continues to dedicate themselves to woodworking, preserving through it a piece of the past for the future.

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