Carhartt vs Carhartt WIP: What's the Difference? | A Comprehensive Guide

Carhartt and Carhartt WIP - one brand, two stories

Hamilton Carhartt, Carhartt’s founder, was an independent thinker, endless creator, and, most of all, a believer in doing what’s never been done. Believing in himself and the goods he made, offering every man, “A square deal, whether he works for me or buys from me.” In doing so, he didn’t just build a workwear brand, he built friendships that have lasted over 129 years. Today, Carhartt continues to stand for any man or woman who tackles life with the same tireless spirit as Hamilton.

Carhartt, the original workwear brand founded in Detroit, Michigan USA in 1889 has been making enduring products to serve and protect hardworking people every year since. Gear that's born out of respect for the hard-earned dollar to be high quality, extremely durable, and forever counted on to function in the worst conditions and weather, because Carhartt builds gear that has your back all day, every day, 24/7.

Beginning roughly 100 years after Carhartt began making bibs in the USA, Carhartt WIP started modifying these classic products to serve a European audience. To this day, Carhartt WIP adapts iconic Carhartt gear for those seeking refined design and style that remains true to the origins of the brand.