How To Break In Your Carhartts

Everyone knows the best way to break in your Carhartts is wearing them while you work hard. But we wanted to put our legendary Chore Coat through a truckload of torture tests to see if we could break it in over just 7 days.

Stuff our lawyers make us say:
All of these techniques, tests and trials were performed by stuntmen, zookeepers and rugged backcountry dudes. DO NOT ATTEMPT ANY OF WHAT YOU SEE HERE AT HOME. Especially picking up a porcupine. Here's our suggestion; buy a coat, work hard in it for 20 years and it will be perfectly broken in. Thanks for watching and being part of our family. - Carhartt
Carhartt  NORTH WOODS KNIT CUFFED BEANIE - front Carhartt   KNIT CUFFED BEANIE - back Quickview

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