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 A note to our friends about COVID-19. Learn more

The 130th anniversary of Carhartt

In 1889, Hamilton Carhartt started making clothing for those who worked in the most rugged conditions. Tough, durable, and comfortable gear.
Built to earn the trust of the hardworking men and women.

Carhartt considered every customer a friend. That’s why his products needed to be best in class, and sold at an affordable price. When someone bought an item with the Carhartt name on it, he wanted to make them proud. So everything he made had to live up to his own high standards.

Today, the same values live on in the over 5.000 members of the Carhartt family. While millions of hardworking men and women around the world make daily use of our durable, high-quality gear.


Throughout the company’s 130-year history, consumers have helped Carhartt identify several pieces of hard-working gear as icons. These are the products that have truly stood the test of time and have been purchased by thousands of workers over decades.

While these iconic pieces have evolved over the years to better meet the needs of consumers, their core DNA has remained the same. Whether adding pockets, colors, or incorporating Carhartt’s innovative technologies to combat rain, sweat and provide flexibility, at the heart of each product is the durability and reliability customers have come to know and love.