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Carhartt makes a lot of hardworking pants. Still, our B01 double-front might just be the hardest-working of them all. Born in 1939, the B01 continues to be made right here at the Carhartt factories in both Tennessee and Kentucky. Where 61 operators cut, sew, hem and triple-stitch the 28 different pieces of the classic B01. Sure, it's a lot of work to put into making a single pair of pants. But it's nothing compared to the amount of work you'll get out of them.
Carhartt Plant Manager in Irvine, Kentucky

To every one of the 101 associates here at our Irvine, Kentucky, sewing facility, thank you. Your commitment and passion for building the highest quality, hardest-working pants to ever show up on a job site never goes unappreciated. Not by me. And surely not by the hardworking people who rely on the clothes you craft each and every day. I salute you and I'm inspired by everything you do.

Thank you for always making me proud

Tim Willis, Plant Manager


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