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Growing Plants and Family

Spring is the start of the season on our farm. Everything gets a break over the winter, the field gets cover cropped, our tractor sits under the oak trees, the greenhouse is empty, even the farmers get some down time. So come spring everyone and everything is rested and ready to go.

Our days start with a big cup of coffee or tea, and we make sure to layer up for these crisp spring mornings in my chore shirt, my flannel and my husband's chore coat as we head out to walk the fields with our farm dog, Roux. She bounces through the cover crop, and stops to stick her head down holes or chase birds out of the field, while we have our morning meetings, add items to the seemingly never ending list of things to do, and set goals. At the end of our walks, we go through our personal patch of veggies and pick some greens for our morning breakfast or for smoothies later in the day, grab a huge head of cauliflower, Im talking 6+ pounds, that we’ll incorporate into dinner.

We split up the spring chores, divide and achieve is our motto; I happily spend my time in the greenhouse, my warm and windless sanctuary, seeding away with Roux at my feet, and Matthew maybe a little less happily braves the gusts of wind and the cold, well cold for California, while he’s on the tractor prepping our fields for another season. The greenhouse is one of my favorite places on the farm because it’s where the majority of the crops that we grow begin. I love the rhythmic motions of filling up the seeding trays with soil, then with seeds while listening to a podcast in my bib overalls (the only things that have fit me throughout the duration of my pregnancy.) Seeing the empty tables fill up with thousands of baby plants, and knowing that those plants are going to fill our fields and eventually our tables at markets and our bellies at home.

This season is going to be big for us - not only are we growing our operation by adding another acre to our farm, another farmers market to our weekends and bringing on 2 employees, but we’re growing our family - Im due any day now - and we’re trying to do as much as possible before our baby comes. Soon the lush green fields will be a rich brown and ready for planting, our employees will be arriving for their first days of work and we’ll be off and running.

These last few days of calm before the chaos of being a new mother and running a small business are somehow going really slow and flying by at the same time. Waiting to go into labor is kind of like sitting and staring at a freshly planted seed tray, waiting for it to germinate - knowing nothing is going to happen while you’re intently watching, but not being able to help yourself. At the same time I’m trying to stay busy with seed orders, new employee paperwork, preparing for tax season and getting the nursery ready; because once germination does happen, the new season officially begins.

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