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 Free US Ground Shipping on Orders $99+

Last year, Carhartt gave a few dads an early Father’s Day present. With the help of local artists and the men’s families, we created a hand-painted sign for each of the four family-run businesses located in Michigan, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia. A simple gesture really. But very few gifts can do a better job of showing dad how much he’s appreciated.

Tom Dunlap began as a farmer who sold tools and equipment from his back porch. Until he became a farmer who also ran the town’s hardware store. Fortunately, Tom’s always had his daughter Joyce helping him manage both. With the 82-year-old Tom Read More
as the face of Dunlap’s and Joyce handling operations, this father/daughter duo shows no signs of slowing down. Unless it’s to be surprised by the sign we had painted as a way of Joyce say thank you to her true-blue #CarharttDad.

75-year-old Jerry Chesney has always loved cars. He loved racing them. He loved fixing them. On occasion, he even loved selling one or two of them. In 1965, Jerry turned his passion and his collection of old cars into a business – Chesney Auto Read More
Salvage. Over 50 years later, Jerry’s still working hard each day moving, stripping, and crushing cars. Only now, his 29-year-old grandson Codie’s along for the ride too. Together, this grandfather and grandson team keeps Chesney Auto Salvage and all the town’s cars running. Carhartt and Codie teamed up to show Jerry just how much the whole town of Duluth appreciates a real #CarharttDad.

The Gritt Family has been farming their same little corner of West Virginia since 1927. But like many small farms in America, making ends meet for Robert Gritt and sons Brad and Bobby has meant more than just “working the land”. Forced to Read More embrace an array of agribusinesses to survive while finding new ways of diversifying their business to make the most of the over 400-acres of farm. So, to thank Robert for his years of unrelenting grit and determination, Carhartt worked with Brad and Bobby to thank their #CarharttDad for everything he’s done.

Sam Saad came to America from Lebanon nearly 50 years ago. A butcher by trade and blood, Sam spent 30 years working alongside his brothers – also butchers - to run one of Michigan’s first Middle Eastern markets. But after the brothers decided to Read More pursue other ventures, Sam began to miss the meat. Eventually, the butcher in him won out, and in 2007 Sam opened Dearborn Meat Market. A few years later Sam’s son, Abe, joined his father in managing the business. Today, the Saad’s recipes are considered the stuff of the legend - no small feat in an area where the Middle Eastern food scene is crowded and fierce. To thank Sam for all the hard work and dedication it took to slice, cut, and carve a place out for himself in this arena, we worked with Abe to surprise his #CarharttDad on Father’s Day.