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Detroit Wood Type Co. – Detroit, MI

Who: Joe Benghauser and Don Kilpatrick.

What: Design, illustration and letterpress printing with antique wood and lead type.

When and Where: Since 2014 in Detroit.

Why: We began making our own type because of the high costs of antique wood type and our desire to print with some of the beautiful historic styles. We also collect wood and lead type to maintain them so they can continue to be used for printing for years to come.

How: We’ve leveraged both laser cutters and CNC machines to mill letterforms from wood. We use a lot of wood type in our design and illustration projects, but not exclusively. Sometimes we will digitally typeset something and have a printing plate made. Other times, we simply carve the letterform or image in linoleum, wood, or resin grave.

Biggest project: Our biggest project to date was a mural on the exterior of Trumbull and Porter Hotel in Corktown, Detroit.

What made you want to create something for Carhartt: We’re big fans of anything Detroit-related so working with Carhartt was very exciting for us. We’re also fans of Aaron Draplin, considering his Detroit roots, so that was an added bonus when presented with the opportunity to work on Field Notes. It was fascinating digging through Carhartt’s library and referencing some of the historical illustrations for inspiration.

Where you can check them out online: Detroit Wood Type Co.

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